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Ethics Everywhere

February 24, 2010
What determines the value behind our actions is an internal code of ethics.  We see our ethics at work when we:

-choose to tell the truth or to tell a lie

-decide which actions are right or wrong

-decipher which actions are appropriate for a specific situation

-select a path of action for certain tasks/ areas of life

We use our personal code of ethics with every decision made.  But, since not all people have a ‘golden’ set of ethics, most organized groups -be it a nonprofit, association, or company-  set forth a code of ethics policy they expect participants to follow.

And the reality of a ‘set in stone’ code of ethics policy is even alive in the social media tools we use.   Many social media sites like Facebook’s member-made code of ethics ask participants to abide by certain central ‘rules.’  At the stable there are mandated codes of ethics as well.

If you want to take a look at codes of ethics, check out The WOMMA Guide to Disclosure in Social Media Marketing or the American Quarter Horse Professional Horseman Code of Ethics.  Also, Facebook has a group to join, the News Bloggers For Fairness In Reporting, to raise accountability for accuracy in blogging.


We see ethical lapses every day and in every area of our life.

On the Internet:

-In Italy three former Google executives were charged with violating Italy’s privacy code for uploading a video of a boy with Down Syndrome being beaten by classmates.

-In Philadelphia, The Lower Merion School District is accused of spying on students through webcam recordings on lent out MacBook computers.

-A New York University student in the Master’s Degree of Science in Public Relations and Corporate Communications program is accused of blatant plagiarism involving the use of online sources.

At the stable:

-A barn presents partially lame horses as sound to undereducated and unaware buyers.

-A women uses hair dye to change the appearance of her horse in a showmanship event.  She wanted to show the horse as a true black but he had a white sock.

-Breeders subject thousands of race horses to abuse and slaughter each year to fulfill the needs of gamblers.  The previous UK Grand National winner, “Hallo Dandy”, was found covered in scars and severely malnourished.