Social Media Tools for Equestrians

January 27, 2010

Social media sites advance how equestrians communicate and make decisions in every aspect of the industry.  The horse industry produces goods and services to the tune of $25.3 billion yearly according to the American Horse Council.  Those who profit from the industry ought to be involved in the conversations on equine based social media sites.

Some public relations firms have formed that focus entirely on clients in the equine industry; one leading equine based public relations firm, Phelps Media Group (www.phelpsmediagroup.com), monitors social media conversations on behalf of its clients.

As an equestrian enthusiast, I use social media sites to make many decisions regarding my buying behavior.

In search of the perfect farm for pleasure riding under an advanced trainer in central New Jersey, I use (www.horsestablereviews.com).  The site allows me to filter out the farms that push competition or merely train beginner riders.  Instead of visiting several farms and spending money on sampling lessons, I find my perfect fit through the Web.

When I need to purchase a new saddle, I use (www.horsetackreview.com) to search product reviews.  This allows me to bypass ordering and sampling many saddles.

When I purchase a new horse, rather than being limited to the horses in my area or having to travel to find the right match, (www.horsefinders.com) has classifieds of horses for sale.  This site lists the horses’ credentials, shows videos of horses at hack, and puts you in touch with the current owner.

I exchange advice with fellow equestrians at (www.horseadvice.com).   The site helps me rectify my equine issues without running to a professional with every rudimentary worry.

To keep abreast of equine sports news, (www.phelpssports.com) has important information relating to prominent equine issues and show results.

Although I have not experimented with this one, (www.equestriansingles.com) is a dating website for those who want to find an equine enthusiast as a lover.