Mr. Ed…What If Your Horse Could Talk?

April 28, 2010

Four blogs your horse would recommend you read:

1. The Equus Magazine’s Hoofcare and Lameness Blog will teach you the essentials for caring for your horse’s hooves and legs.  If a horse’s legs aren’t sound and properly shoed, the horse cannot perform.

2.  The Understanding Horse Nutrition Blog will teach you the essentials for properly feeding your horse.  If a horse doesn’t have a proper nutrition plan, the horse’s belly won’t be happy and healthy leading to physical discomfort.

3. The Bar None Saddles Blog will teach the the essentials for properly fitting a saddle to a horse’s back.  If a horse doesn’t have a properly fitted saddle, this can cause a sore back.  Superiorly fitted saddles are those that are custom made.

4.  The Horses…Naturally Blog will teach you the essentials of natural horse training: the “horse whisperer” approach- if you will. If a horse is not properly trained, it is likely to be  finicky and spooky at hack, which a sign of mental unhappiness.

What blogs would your horse recommend if he or she could talk?

Mr. Ed



  1. All great horse blogs but I would definately include http://www.offyoutrot.co.uk/blog on this list as they have a mix of equestrian news, tips and horse care articles.

  2. I remember Mr Ed! Good blog for young equestrians, covers a variety of topics – http://sherwoodequestrian.blogspot.com

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