Goodbye Spring 2010 Semester :(

April 18, 2010

I was thrown into my social media class this semester with a rather limited perspective of social media and how to use it for clients.  But, through blogging I first handedly experienced one tool that is useful for clients, as well as building my personal brand.

Each week I enjoyed the creative process behind blogging.  A new topic would interest me, and then I could research my area of interest and express findings on my blog.  I enjoyed creating posts because I had full control over how they were shaped. 

 My experience…

SURPRISING…How much I learned from my blog.  I was not simply creating posts off information I had stored in my head, but I was- with each post- learning new information about the equine world and its stake in social media. 

CHALLENGING…Exposing my thoughts and writing to anyone interested in reading.  I was not creating assignments only for handing in and grading as in my past scholarly experiences.  My work was there for anyone to read judge, including those I was writing about.

UNEXPECTED…The connections made from blogging.  My blog got those who I normally would not have the opportunity to speak to interested in speaking to me.  It also served as a tool for me to showcase my knowledge of social media and equine sports.

I plan to maintain my blog with monthly posts.  It is my hope that as my career develops the SMEquine blog will too!

One comment

  1. Informing your readers that you will be blogging once per month instead of weekly is a grand idea. It lets everyone know what to expect so when three weeks go by, instead of them wondering where you are, they can look forward to hearing from you the following week. Since you have passion about the topic you will be covering, I am sure that your monthly posts will be enjoyable for you as a writer and for your audience as well.

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