Got Sperm?

April 9, 2010

I was having a drink at Club A Steak House with some friends when the topic of horse semen came up- for some reason.

It is always intriguing to those who are not familiar with the equine industry that one shot of semen from a stallion of quality could cost $1,000 and up.

“GENERALLY, a good has more value when it is relatively scarce, but it also must be desirable. A horse can be quite valuable when it has the potential to be extraordinarily fast. When the racing phase of his life has past, a horse’s reproductive value determines his worth. A horse with an excellent pedigree can fetch a fair sum if he might spawn the next Secretariat or Babaro.” The Economist, The Price of Sperm.

I started to wonder how the equine industry’s semen businesses use social media.

I did some research…

Superior Equine Sires was the best of the bunch providing content on frozen semen import and export services.  On average the process of freezing sperm costs $450 per ejaculate.  The Web site is an all-in-one hub for those interested including a e-newsletter, price lists, and stallion information.

I personally have helped to mate stallions and the process is quite intense.  If you are interested in how to collect horse semen there is an eHow guide and a collection of videos on YouTube.

Although there are many Web sites selling horse semen and informing people on horse semen there seems to be little conversations in social networks.  I could not find a blog or social network devoted to horse semen selling and buying.  Even on popular equine social networks like Horse Network http://www.horse-networks.com/forums/ there is no devoted blog or forum.

This area of the equine industry is rather new to me, and I don’t feel like social media has explained much! Any experts?

One comment

  1. I’ve tried really hard to come up with some sort of comment for this post that wouldn’t satisfy my childishness but I came up short.

    Nonetheless, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and have only got around to commenting. I’ve learned more about equine sports and really appreciate the passion you have for it!

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